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Historic Polidor Restaurant ?

When ? Founded in 1845, little has changed since then. Where ? 41, rue Monsieur-le-Prince in the Odeon area, near the Jardin du Luxembourg. What ? – Very reasonable prices for food quality. – Entrées (ex, oeufs mayonnaise, 4 euros), main dishes (ex, boeuf bourguignon, 11 euros), desserts (ex, baba au rhum, 4 euros) – […]


Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés ?

– Founded in the 6th century by the son of Clovis, Childebert. – Became one of the richest in France, a pantheon for Merovingian kings and a center of intellectual life in the French Catholic church until the French Revolution, a large explosion of gun powder destroyed almost all of the complex. – The abbey […]

Address, Café, Restaurant

Verlaine in the oldest café, Le Procope, Paris 6 ?

The oldest café and restaurant in Paris, founded in 1686, Le Procope was once frequented by such emblematic figures as Voltaire, Alfred de Musset, George Sand, Benjamin Franklin and of course, Verlaine. With its chandelier-clad high ceilings and walls lined with antique paintings, to visit this café is to step back in time. Address: 13 […]

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