Passage Jouffroy, a Metal and Glass Passage ?

Passage Jouffroy_paris

- A covered pedestrian walkway in the 9th arrondissement of Paris of Paris. – Begins in the south between 10 and 12 boulevard Montmartre, and ends at 9 rue de la Grange-Batelière. – Built in 1845. – The first Parisian passage built entirely of metal and glass. – By architects François Destailleur and Romain de […]

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A Department Store in Paris ?


Galeries Lafayette interior 40, boulevard Haussmann in the IXe arrondissement, Paris

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What is Pigalle famous for ?


Pigalle is famous for being a touristic district, with many sex shops on Place Pigalle and the main boulevards and prostitutes operating in the side streets. The Moulin Rouge, a world-famous cabaret, is located in Pigalle. It is an area on the border between the 9th and the 18th arrondissements.

Department store, Shopping

Le Printemps and Galeries Lafayette in Paris ?


Located in the IXe arrondissement, le Printemps is one of the 2 department stores, boulevard Haussmann : Printemps at 64, boulevard Haussmann, Art Nouveau stained-glass cupola, shopping, Ladurée Patisserie and Café Be by Alain Ducasse Galeries Lafayette, at 40, boulevard Haussmann, glass and steel dome, and Art Nouveau staircases, shopping, Lafayette Café

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Homage to Chopin at the Musée de la vie Romantique ?


To celebrate the bicentenary of Chopin’s birth the Musée de la vie Romantique is presenting an important exhibition and homage to the composer. The Museum stands at the foot of Montmartre hill in the IXe arrondissement at 16 rue Chaptal, in an 1830 hôtel particulier. Formerly Ary Scheffer’s Villa, it was frequented by Chopin, George […]


Paris Wax Museum ?


The Musée Grévin is a waxwork museum in Paris, one of the oldest in Europe, located  in the IXe arrondissement  at 10, Boulevard Montmartre. The Musée Grévin now contains some 300 characters arranged in scenes from the history of France and modern life, including a panorama of French history from Charlemagne to Napoleon III, bloody scenes […]

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Galeries Lafayette, Paris ?


Galeries Lafayette is a French department store company. It is located at 40, boulevard Haussmann, in the IXe arrondissement, near another famous department store, Le Printemps. Stations on Paris metro: Chaussee d’Antin La Fayette, Havre-Caumartin, Opéra, Madeleine, Saint-Lazare, and RER – Auber.

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